Some consolation

Andrzej Dąbrówka

Some consolation (photo-poem)

It’s easy to bring solace to a friend

who needs just two or three

new photos

of water drops from rain or dew


as only remedy against this spleen.

Here we go, Margareth,

be aware however

that Looking at dew-drops is more demanding

than a philosopher could have foreseen

rising up early

being the least pain

You’ll have to learn,

my friend,

to turn
your eyes away

from sky’s folk

close to birds

so push away

the creepy clumsy hands

of red woodbine

unstoppable in braiding itself

into one’s hair

Don’t dare to look

in the light-bringing

of the o so innocent morning glory

however subtle is her pale-blue face

you might get lost there

and dissolved

Don’t curtsy

to the lonely proud queen dahlia

however admirable is her head

crowned by herself with red repeatedly

as do sky-high the mallow and the rose

Ignore the Indian yellow

of the marigold

stop, wrong, no,

here you may keep looking

quite down-to-earthly you came close

to this short lesson’s proper destination

Go slowly now

with the departing ones

keep them company

as they fly,




See them

bear burdens of each other,

of small dirt

Feel on your skin

their being spat on

by tear snails

Don’t try to add

or shed here anything

but look as clear as’t goes,

there it is

the sky

you see the sky

and sun again

the same as that one up there

go for’t!

© A. Dąbrówka 2012


Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
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4 odpowiedzi na „Some consolation

  1. Trying not to be trivial, but still a little shameless, I am proud to announce that I must be known with my friends as the one who has always a bunch of new photos of rain drops. Earlier this Monday I have been asked for such a remedy for „this spleen” by a good friend of mine who BTW used to be guest professor in Houston for two years.
    Margareth’s query has triggered some consolatory thinking around the photos I made on Sept. 30, which included also rain drops on leaves. The result is an English photo-poem
    published one hour ago. MY FIRST, be not cruel.
    Let me add that there is something clearly MINE about photo-poems, which I am writing since 2009, in Polish. If you ask Google for „fotowiersze”, and you come to the part „Pictures concerning fotowiersze”, you get 4 pictures, all MINE.

    • Unbelievable … breathtaking like real raindrops in the rising sun:)))
      Thank you so much for such thoughtful consolati0n, Andrzej!

      PS. I pressed the „like” button – does not work, perhaps I do not press it correctly:)))
      I am not a very correct person, that’s why:)))

  2. Richert Manjarres pisze:

    Very nice Andrzej … 🙂

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