Near and far: Moon behind trees

near and far 001
This is a copy of the entry published previously on 12 Sept. 2012 at a sub-page that is going to be deleted
near and far 001

near and far 225

near and far 225

near and far 30

near and far 30

near and far 26

near and far 26

near and far 16

near and far 16

near and far 13

near and far 13

near and far 10

near and far 10

near and far 20

near and far 20

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9 odpowiedzi na „Cykle

  1. Rather blurry but nice try. Sometime I try shooting a moon like this too but maybe my camera is not powerful enough to make the moon bigger than a dot. Good work. Near tree and far moon.

  2. Photos were made without tripod.
    And it is very difficult to force the camera to see sharp at two or three distances.
    The final picture is a small detail from the original (3000X2000 px), zoomed in through a processing program.
    I am no artist photographer, I’m just catching topics telling a story.

  3. jas45 pisze:

    i like near and far 26 that is brill, any photo without tripod is not easy , but there are times when tripod is not available

    • My favorite is No 16, because the camera seemed to have two eyes, and merged two pictures: the near maple branch doesn’t block our view on the far moon, as if it were half transparent. I have no idea how this happened.

      • pixilated2 pisze:

        Was it sprinkling when you took these photographs? It looks as if it were in 26. If that is the case, then maybe in 16 the light from the moons image was being refracted in a small droplet of water on the lens surface? ~Lynda

      • No, certainly not. It was dry, otherwise the moon wasn’t so good visible.
        I think it is a question of flashlight and focusing at night, that two exposition processes occurred, but I’m no optician to interpret the mechanism.

  4. hugmamma pisze:

    Awesome! The imagery is…out of this world. Like something alien. ;)


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Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
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2 odpowiedzi na „Near and far: Moon behind trees

  1. Michelle pisze:

    Nice to see we share the same interests in the moon and trees! It does seem out of this world when captured in time from behind the trees like you have done.


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