All hues of dew

Drops void of colors

give screens to make viable

textures of lightlife


© A. Dąbrówka, photos 19.Oct.2013, text 20. Oct. 2013)

090hues-of-dew-oak-icon-kwp 004hues-of-dew-oak-kwp 004hues-of-dew-oak-blue-dwp 005hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 006hues-of-dew-oak-dwp 007hues-of-dew-oak-dkwp 011hues-of-dew-oak-dwp 015hues-of-dew-oak-dwp ??????????????????????????????? 018hues-of-dew-oak-d1wp 018hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 021hues-of-dew-oak-dkwp 022hues-of-dew-oak-dwp 023hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 025hues-of-dew-oak-dwp 028hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 028hues-of-dew-oak-d3wp 029hues-of-dew-oak-dwp 029hues-of-dew-oak-kwp 031hues-of-dew-oak-d1wp 031hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 034hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 034hues-of-dew-oak-dwp 036hues-of-dew-oak-dwp ??????????????????????????????? 037hues-of-dew-oak-d3kwp 038hues-of-dew-oak-d3wp 038hues-of-dew-oak-kwp 078hues-of-dew-oak-d1wp 078hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 079hues-of-dew-oak-kwp 081hues-of-dew-oak-dwp ??????????????????????????????? 082hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 092hues-of-dew-oak-d1wp 092hues-of-dew-oak-dkwp 099hues-of-dew-oak-dwp ??????????????????????????????? 124hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 126hues-of-dew-oak-dkwp 128hues-of-dew-oak-d2wp 128hues-of-dew-oak-dkwp 117hues-of-dew-dwp 092hues-of-dew-oak-d-icon





Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
Ten wpis został opublikowany w kategorii art, nature, photography, poetry, weekly photo challenge i oznaczony tagami , , , , . Dodaj zakładkę do bezpośredniego odnośnika.

16 odpowiedzi na „All hues of dew

  1. Marso pisze:

    I, too, never tire photographing rain drops or considering how something „void of colors” of its own can reveal so much color! An enjoyable post!

    • Thanks for support, I get almost ashamed of the monotony of my interest.
      After yesterday’s session bringing some 200 hundred pics of dewdrops on leaves, I was this morning afraid to go into my garden with my camera, fortunately the night was warm and I slept longer, so there were no drops to admire.

      • Marso pisze:

        Interest keeps it always new, and that removes monotony. Keep exploring!
        You reduced your 200 pics to around 40. . . like an orchardist removes smaller fruit of the tree to allow those remaining to reach fuller size and quality. Continue experimenting!

      • Marso,
        Downsizing the collection is always a hell, you know that, and thanks for the orchardist-excuse, I feel better.

  2. U pana ciągle łzy, panie Andrzeju… ma pan jednak niezwykły dar oddawania ich niesamowitego uroku!
    Jestem pod wrażeniem!
    I am very impressed by the artistry of these captures. The tears of nature never cease to amaze me! Beautiful!

  3. Reblogged this on Poet Charms and commented:
    I am very impressed by the artistry of these captures. The tears of nature never seize to amaze me! Beautiful!

  4. reyajoy pisze:

    I love the beautiful dew drop photos. I’m a huge fan of nature, and the haiku was beautiful as well.

  5. Marius Constantin pisze:

    Love the sun reflexions in the water drops.

  6. restlessjo pisze:

    Fabulous jewels! 🙂

  7. Amy pisze:

    Really cool! All are so beautiful 🙂

  8. These are absolutely stunning! The water drops look like gems laid out on these beautiful leaves. Thanks for sending the link!


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