all ways are leading

to each of the horizons

but no direct ones

??????????????????????????????? 168UD-Gromadzyn-icon-kwp 020Tarnica-niebo-kwp 170horizon-kwp ??????????????????????????????? 177bukowska-horyzont-kwp© A. Dąbrówka


Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
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10 odpowiedzi na „Horizon

  1. Polska wersja tego haiku (była w zasadzie pierwsza) – na Goldenline:

  2. Peter S pisze:

    I like the second photo and the bottom photo, are they all places in Poland ?

    • Yes, this is Bieszczady, part of the Carpathian Mountains, the South-Eastern part of Poland, near the border with the Ukraine. On the photo you can actually see the markers (Polish white-red and Ukrainian yellow-blue).

      The last photo you mentioned shows more of the Ukrainian part of the Bieszczady. The other, more of the Polish side, with highest peaks around 1300 m above the sea level: Tarnica, Krzemien,

      and Halicz.

      The photos are taken on 14 Oct. this year from the mountain Rozsypaniec, 1280 m.

      In autumn the hills are very scenic:

      Last summer I also visited that region,

      • Peter S pisze:

        it’s a beautiful country! I usually just think of cities such as Krakow when I think of Poland, but it looks like ther’s much more than that. I’d like to go someday!

  3. And, for the real Carpathian Mountains, see the blog of the Romanian author Andrei Plimbarici

    For the Polish Tatra see here the post by Sabatowka

  4. suej pisze:

    Great images!

  5. Cris:
    some of your above photos looked wonderful, but some of them were rather darker than I would have personally liked, if I had shot them.

    Plus, none of them had any foreground objects, except the one with the man, who was pretty dark. So, the issue of depth of field didn’t really come into play.

    This is what I was talking about—that if you focused on the sky, the land would be darker. I noticed the sky varied in blue-ness according to how light or dark the ground was.

    Am I seeing this correctly? I hope I am seeing this correctly. I am not trying to be a critic. I’m just trying to understand.
    October 29, 2013 at 1:10 am

    I’m no one to teach photography. I just shared my experience how to catch some of the blue sky if it matters more than other factors.
    You get best blues with sun behind you, the closer you come to the sun – the sky will be more and more pale. So this is not „according to how light or dark the ground was”.
    The darker photos 170 and 177 show a person walking actually in the shadow of the mountain top behind the photographer; if there is enough light as in the first photo No 179 – all plans are good visible, the blue sky included.
    I repeat this discussion below my post, because of the references to photos.


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