Call it unexpected

Whatever happens is not there constantly, so it could have never happened.

If it does, we call it unexpected.

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You could have seen hundred times grasshoppers fly above the lawn and never counted on a visit on your terrace.

See this grasshopper whose visit seems not accidental but caused by curiosity.

It jumped not away after having landed on the wheel of a stroller parked on the terrace.

It made a long hike along the wheel, the alluminium tubes, textiles of different colors.

And having reached the top, it stood in front of an abyss.

Putting all legs together it prepared for the jump towards the wall.

Then it walked away hiding behind the wooden door.

If you meet a grasshopper in its world (as I did once upon a time), you can’t call it unexpected, even if it happened never more.

© A. Dąbrówka, text 24 Nov.2013, photos 2 Aug.2013


Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
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2 odpowiedzi na „Call it unexpected

  1. WM pisze:

    Just beautiful grasshopper!
    Cóż za piękny konik polny!


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