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inside of things are pictures of the things
remaining outside visible off frame
or otherwise looking quite different
from their image they reflect or are

a common house resembles a high castle
built on an iceberg or a lustered rock
with doors too narrow to be entered
by anyone from Euclidean world

lean trees elongate bowing to each other
and bending to squeeze in above the house
the tiny sky denies them enough space
as if they had to grow in a glass bottle

© A. Dąbrówka (photos 8.02.2013, text 16 March 2014)


Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
Ten wpis został opublikowany w kategorii art, nature, personal, photography, poetry, weekly photo challenge i oznaczony tagami , , , , , , , , . Dodaj zakładkę do bezpośredniego odnośnika.

8 odpowiedzi na „Inflection

  1. vever02 pisze:

    I adore the effect reflection on the ice, marvellous photographs. Good evening.

    • And, this is only a small selection; I don’t get tired in shooting and reviewing them.
      The presented set comes from the previous winter, this one was short and gave the frost not much chances to create beauties. And now spring is coming, see below:

  2. mithriluna pisze:

    Really cool images.

  3. Peter S pisze:

    Very nice. It must be difficult to take pictures like this. I’ve never been able to get photos of ice as nice as these.


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