scribes and letters

 this scribe sigh-murmurs 

reading words grown-written green

flawlessly fuzzy


















Photos of 1.Nov.2012, haiku 26 April 2014

© A. Dąbrówka


Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
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6 odpowiedzi na „scribes and letters

  1. Atramentowa Pani pisze:

    Magiczne !
    Serdeczności Andrzeju 🙂

  2. Nice combination.


  3. I commented on Steve Mc Curry’s „To Read is to Fly”,
    which I called a global view of the essential aspect of our civilization based on the communication through time. Written message is the best medium, although not the only one.
    I accidentally reflected upon reading, which includes writing and speaking in my recent post

    You excluded reading on screen, but it will come. Reading 2.0 includes immediate written response, it engages even more, but maybe it distorts the author’s speaking.

  4. If you want to see a picture of an actual scribe, see the cover of a book on medieval literacy with my paper:

  5. Posted/recalled as a tweetku-challenge „alliteration”

  6. madhu pisze:

    Beautiful poem complemented by amazing photographs..


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