Night glories

summer doxology

glorify mornings
but take the small hours to
praise each other

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Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
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13 odpowiedzi na „Night glories

  1. This entry is starting the third year of this blog. Since 6 Aug. 2012 it has been visited by 11.393 guests which makes ca 15 a day (best ever 327). It has been followed by 311 readers, to whom go my many thanks.
    The most visited post was the photo-poem round dance (664 readers, many reblogs), because it has been featured on Freshly Pressed.

    I started in Polish, now it is English and Polish. Most of the posts are photo-poems or photo-stories.
    In the Menu you can find the lists of the main streams of this blog.

  2. Peter S pisze:

    Very nicely photographed! I can never seem to get good close ups of flowers like this.

  3. vever02 pisze:

    Splendid flowers of ipomées, nice photographic work. Thank you for the division.
    Beautiful end of evening.

  4. Beautiful images, Ada.

  5. These pictures are amazing! What camera do you use?

  6. Beautiful! Niezwykłe ujęcia! 🙂

    • I’m working through the night, for breaks I take a draft red winte on the terrace, looking around. So I noticed when the morning glories growing in a pot start to open up their calyxes.

  7. swamiyesudas pisze:

    A Very Beautiful collection, my Dear Andrzej! You work very hard indeed! Hearty Congratulations and Regards.


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