Andrzej Dąbrówka

Papers/chapters in English online

Anything But a Game: Corpus Christi in Poland, in: „Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae” 7, 2002 p. 245-270.

 Medieval theatre of schools. Educational beginnings of early drama; Conf. „School and theatre”, Miskolc, Hungary, 5-7 IX 2002) [never printed],

Polish Saint Plays of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries [in:] The Dramatic Tradition of the Middle Ages, C. Davidson (red.), (New York: AMS Press) 2005 pp.216-44.

The Theatre of Death in Early Polish Drama, “European Medieval Drama” 11, 2007: 161-186

The Middle Ages after the Middle Ages. Medievalism in the Study of European Drama and Theatre History [in:] K. Czibula (ed.), Színházvilág – Világszínház, Ráció Kiadó: Budapest 2008, pp. 23-37.

Staging a Mirror, Establishing Harmony: Theatrical Constitution, Display and Control of Value Systems [in:] Images of the City, ed. by Agnieszka Rasmus and Magdalena Cieślak, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle 2009, s. 2-16;   repoz. academia.eu http://tinyurl.com/n85eu9p

Genre questions around early drama, [in:] K. Czibula, A. Emődi, S. János-Szatmári (eds.), Dráma – Múlt – Színház – Jelen. Tanulmányok a dráma- és színháztörténet köréből, Erdélyi Múzeum-Egyesület, Kolozsvár; Partium Kiadó, Nagyvárad, 2009, s. 15-24.

Religious Content In Medieval School Handbooks and Readers, transl. R. Bubczyk, “Acta Poloniae Historica” 101, 2010: 241-270;

Singing in the Battle. About the »Bogurodzica«, „Senoji Lietuvos Literatūra”, (31), 2011: 47-64.


Photo-poems in English

  1. Some consolation       Posted on 02/10/2012
  2. Doing things with dew-drops         Posted on 14/10/2012
  3. Perfect Foreigners (a photo-poem) Posted on 27/10/2012
  4. Renewal                       Posted on 11/11/2012
  5. Combed and disheveled                Posted on 23/11/2012
  6. Cool Doxology (photo-poem)        Posted on 12/12/2012
  7. Delicate                        Posted on 16/12/2012
  8. How many                   Posted on 21/12/2012
  9. Winter morning glory                   Posted on 23/12/2012
  10. Wet and white Christmas rose       Posted on 27/12/2012
  11. You can’t tell from far Posted on 09/02/2013
  12. wounded but alive       Posted on 12/04/2013
  13. no time is fruitless       Posted on 14/04/2013
  14. Keeping company is a fair reward                   Posted on 01/07/2013
  15. Extending summer      Posted on 15/09/2013
  16. how much of what       Posted on 30/09/2013
  17. All hues of dew            Posted on 21/10/2013
  18. Horizon                         Posted on 27/10/2013
  19. a travel of sorts            Posted on 12/11/2013
  20. Summer’s last sighs   Posted on 20/11/2013
  21. Lightgiving                   Posted on 06/12/2013
  22. Loss                               Posted on 13/12/2013
  23. Round dance                Posted on 23/12/2013
  24. Inflection                      Posted on 16/03/2014
  25. Being reflected             Posted on 
  26. scribes and letters       Posted on 
  27. night glories       Posted on 

For photo-poems in Polish see Fotowiersze.

Photo-stories in English

  1. Being the last one        Posted on 24/09/2012
  2. The sky one hour after sunset       Posted on 21/10/2012
  3. Near and far: Moon behind trees    Posted on 30/12/2012
  4. Season change            Posted on 09/12/2012
  5. Easter morning glory – a life of one day          Posted on 31/03/2013
  6. Culture: connecting the past with the future    Posted on 27/04/2013
  7. Color – ultramarine monochrome love story   Posted on 07/04/2013
  8. One day in the life of a germ         Posted on 01/04/2013
  9. The object’s point of view             Posted on 08/09/2013
  10. Nutpecker [no text]                       Posted on 14/09/2013
  11. Call it unexpected                      Posted on 24/11/2013
  12. The smile of Columbus                7/12/2013
  13. Grand figurehead                         Posted on 08/12/2013
  14. Monument of the Book                         Posted on 15/04/2014
  15. The Guitar                         Posted on 02/08/2014

For photo-stories in Polish see Fotoreportaże.

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