One day in the life of a germ

One day in the life of a germ

Starting a story is easy, but it has its consequences, especially when the story is about life that just germinated. In the previous post I showed a photo of a germ whose head was still in earth,


overnight it has risen,


still bearing some dirt from the soil on it.


First it was bowed the old way,


but after a couple of day hours it took another bow, towards the window.
There was no sun outside, but snow gave enough light to attract the young plant, soon its leaves touched the window glass. Admire the turn, I do.

Abundant snowfall of some 10 hours


…caused a power outage, so I had to help myself with the good old fireplace…


But now power is again on so I can post this follow-up of the story about one day in a life of the castor-oil plant.  As such it is two days old.
And, did you notice in one of the photos another plant in the background? A one-year old oak tree, that has planted itself at the time the pot was outside. The acorn must have wandered from my garden’s only oak tree, that is BTW as many years old as my family’s owning this place. Not so long, since 1966.


© A. Dąbrówka, 1 April 2013 (photos and text)


Informacje o Andrzej Dąbrówka

Tenured professor, Institute of Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences), Warsaw.
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16 odpowiedzi na „One day in the life of a germ

  1. WM pisze:


  2. studio Nem pisze:

    No wonder you want a rooftop garden. Your stories show that you really love your plants. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more stories like these.

  3. Nice:) You should make a timelapse of your flowers.

  4. Peter S pisze:

    Amazing what can happen in a day. Life Wins!

  5. to struggle with nutshells
    subtlety gives the germs strength
    that’s what they teach us

  6. You have a green thumb and your baby germ obviously loves you enough to have the courage to grow…! In the hands of the right person, all things grow.

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  8. Is this called „having a green thumb”? You might be right.
    My wife has planted some castor-beans in small pots in the kitchen, and I planted one in the flower pot in my room. Mine is already 5 inch high, and hers are still in the ground.
    I showed it proudly to her, saying: This is how you should do it.

  9. Izabela pisze:

    Woow! Great photos!


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